Thursday, October 16, 2014

A101 - Business Dinner

After the last of our classes on Tuesday, our new found skills were put to the test.  Many business leaders were invited to eat dinner with us, and we were forced to split up from our friends and be social with the high-class people.

I teamed up with Trevor and Chance (both very quality fellows) and we talked to lots of business people, traded business cards with them, and made plans to work together with them to spread the word about SkillsUSA.  We then ate dinner while listening to some presentations about how to be successful and whatnot.  Afterwards we were freed to mingle, so mingle we did!

Now let me tell you about Amelia and Suzanne.  They were our judges for Promotional Bulletin Board last year.  So basically, they sent Jeff, Chris, and I to Nationals!  Naturally we had to thank them for that, and proceeded to love them forever.  It turns out that they are hilarious and a ton of fun.  Suzanne even threw a mini dance party with us in the middle of a conversation!

They are both incredible women, and very inspirational as they are successful business women yet fabulous at the same time.  I hope to see them again someday!  But until then, we can just follow each other on Instagram.

Suzanne's Instagram post that night.  Ravyn and I made it into every picture!

So even though the purpose of the dinner was to get sponsorship and learn things, it ended up being a ton of fun.  I enjoyed hanging out with everyone there and getting to know people better (for example, Yolo King Nick - favorite guy).  Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to dress up?!

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