Friday, October 17, 2014

A101 - A Day On Capitol Hill

We dressed in our uniforms today and took a charter bus up to Capitol Hill!  I don't really know why they spent the money on a charter bus when the Capitol was only like 15 minutes away from where we were.  But hey, no complaints here!

We were taken on a tour, which was of course really cool.  They even took us on the Senate floor, and apparently that is a very rare occurrence!  I had a good time seeing everything, it is such a beautiful building with lots of cool stories.

Then it was time for a lunch with legislatures and representatives and all those types of important people.  We were given some phone numbers so that we could text our particular representatives to remind them to be there.  I felt a little bit cool texting Representative Anderegg!

Then we ate lunch with them and chatted away over sandwiches.  I once again teamed up with Trevor and Chance, we met a lot of cool people and they made a lot of promises to us that we are pretty sure they won't keep.  Politicians.  But it was way interesting and fun anyway, I had a great time on Capitol Hill!

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