Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A101- Lectures & Learning

I spent these past three days in Salt Lake City!  Some of our school's SkillsUSA members and I had the opportunity to attend CTSO Advocacy Training to learn how to advocate for CTE organizations and programs.  So basically we dressed up in business clothes for three days straight, attended classes all day long, and met important people.  Let me tell you more about these classes we went to...

There were several CTE organizations in attendance; the state officers of FFA, the state officers of HOSA, one representative of FBLA, a few state officers of SkillsUSA, and my friends and I who were also representing SkillsUSA.  (We mainly were able to come because not enough of our state officers could go).  After an exciting adventure in the district suburban, we arrived to the conference-holding hotel around noon on Monday to start all day classes!

The next day our classes started early in the morning and went all day long.

Can you find us?

The presentations were pretty long and actually kind of rough to sit through.  That's okay, though, because I don't get bored these days.  My whole table and I were kind of goofing off through every class, and I feel a little bit bad about that but not really.  It was just too much fun drawing pictures, writing each other letters, making cranes, and eating all of the Jolly Ranchers they gave us!  The pitchers of water were fun, too, because it was hard to pour them without spilling.

Thank goodness we were given 10 minute breaks between each class!  That time was fun to use for getting cookies from the hotel lobby or to just sit around chatting.  We also used some of that time to put to good use the 10 Polaroid pictures we brought!

So yes, the classes were definitely fun whether they were meant to be or not.  I'm glad that we were given some notes, because I didn't take very many.  And I would like to remember some of the information we learned, it was pretty valuable!  However fun the classes were, though, we were on both days grateful when they were over and we could go to dinner.

*A special thanks to Ravyn, Amelia, and Trevor, all whose pictures I ripped from Instagram without even asking for permission.

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