Saturday, October 18, 2014

A101 - We May Be Hooligans

Last week, in my normal day-to-day life, I considered myself to be "freaking professional".  But this week, when I learned that sometimes I can't stop giggling when it is completely uncalled for, I realized that maybe I just know how to pretend to be professional.

In SkillsUSA, our particular chapter has a reputation for being the party chapter.  And our three days spent at the conference was no exception!  For example, one day during lunch when we were supposed to be mingling with the other CTE kids (I was forced to sit in the middle of a bunch of HOSA kids - awkward!), we sneakily escaped and went to a camera shop.

It was called Pictureline and dang it was pretty awesome.  It was beautifully lit and the workers were so nice!  Ravyn and I were gushing over an adorable camera, and they took it out for us so that we could gush over it some more.  They also let us handle some very expensive filming equipment.  I did not feel worthy.  We had fun there!

We were also kind of hooligans in the elevators.  One night, Bailey, Jeff, and I spent a good hour in an elevator, going wherever it decided to take us.  It had a thing for floor 8.

And technically, us girls weren't allowed in the boys room and vice versa.  But does anyone really care?

One of the evenings, I had to admire Trevor's choice of clothes.  Seriously, where did he get such a shirt?!  He rocks it.

Anyway.  We had so much fun!  I loved the hotel, it was fancy and there were only two of us to each suite.  Ravyn is a great roommate, we could talk for hours and hours... and we did!  Also, the free cookies were delicious I'm pretty sure we were the only group to use the pool.  For a free trip, that's not so bad!

I'm grateful for the opportunity that I had to go to this training.  Though I feel like I've always been good at talking to adults (even important ones), I did learn some things that I'm sure will be beneficial.  Plus I got to know the video kids and Ravyn better.  Turns out I really like them!

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