Monday, October 27, 2014

Actual Friends Who Hang Out

Eths, Jeff, and I have been getting to know Bailey and Chance pretty well over these past few months.  We spend a lot of school time with them!  Like today, we all went down into the tunnels under the high school for like three hours to prep it for the SkillsUSA party later this week.

It was creepy!  Ahh!  Mckall was down there for a while too, and she and I kept freaking out.  Especially when she and I were in a tunnel alone and the boys started flickering the lights from far away.  Let's say that we really bonded over screaming and running while clinging to each other.

After a while I kind of got used to the tunnels and less afraid.  Chance took us on an adventure that included crawling around in tight spaces and figuring out if a hole was filled with sludge or something solid.  It was quite thrilling.

The tunnels are just so cool, guys!  I feel really lucky that I've been able to explore them so thoroughly, most students don't get the chance.

Anyway.  We finished up with that and I started thinking about how these friends and I only hang out at school.  I proposed that we all level up and become actual friends who hang out.  They wholeheartedly agreed, and we all decided to get froyo!

But... there was something that had to be done first.... truck wars!

Chance and Bailey both have green trucks, and they just had to know what one Jeff, Eths, and I thought was better.  We spent a very long time examining the trucks, and graded them in three categories: performance, aestheticism, and under-the-hood charm.

Chance told a touching story of lifting his 90 year old grandmother into the passenger seat using the nice steps on the side of his truck, and Bailey told a heart-wrenching story of keeping his truck the vibrant color that his now-dead grandfather always had it.

It was a close call, but the facts that Bailey could do a cool tire trick and that we found underwear in Chance's truck led us to our final decision.  Bailey won by one point!  But don't worry, we assured Chance that his success will not be measured by his truckcess.

We then went to get froyo where Chance and Bailey each spent $10 on mostly toppings.

It was a nice day.  I'm so glad that we decided to upgrade to a new level of friendship!

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