Thursday, October 30, 2014

Annual Harvest

I always love the harvest party we have at my grandma and grandpa's!  My grandpa works hard on growing the most magnificent pumpkins that we get to pick and carve after we eat a delicious meal.

This sweater was my great-grandma's.  I forgot I had it until today and I love it!

It is also tradition that we get lots and lots of pictures...

We staged some falling leaves.  But of course, Seiji had to pull a Voldemort face and ruin the shot.

After pictures and dinner (which was fish and cheesy potatoes - so amazing!) it was time to start carving!

I really loved my grandpa's creations.  He took the tiny pumpkins and carved cute things, like this mouse!

Overall it was just a really nice evening.  There is something so cozy about harvest time, and spending time with my family is so wonderful.

I hope that you are also enjoying this fantastic season!

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