Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Dreams

While driving around my lovely little city this week, I started noticing that the mountains had some delightful yellow spots on them.  I knew that I had to go up the canyon this weekend or else I might miss the vivid leaves - and that would be horrible!

So, I tried hard to find someone who would be willing to hike 10 miles with me.  Okay, maybe I didn't try that hard, but I did try to an extent that I offered my photo teacher cookies if he could find someone who would go with me.  But apparently 10 miles is a lot to ask (seriously?) so that dream was crushed.  But that is okay because I decided that a drive up the canyon would be a great alternative!

My BFFs mommy and Alli joined me for this adventure!  Oh my gosh it was so fabulous to have Alli with us.  She is just too much fun.  And so pretty, so I made her pose for me a bit teehee!

We pulled over several times to do some exploring.  I made sure we stopped by some groves of aspens, they are my favorite!  And oh my gosh, the colors they have turned this year are absolutely breathtaking.

At one point our trail was blocked by a moose.  We didn't get too close, nor did I get a picture of it because I knew it would come out crappy.  But Alli provided us with a "there is a moose over there" picture.

It was just so beautiful up in the canyon!  I still can't get over it.  I think that autumn is so dreamy.

And it felt perfect up there, too.  Excellent weather for wearing flannel without being too hot or cold!

The leaves were falling all around us!

What a happy day!

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