Friday, October 10, 2014

Cross Country Region Championships

I can't believe it!  My cross country years are basically over!

Today was regions, which marks the end of the season for us JV folk.  Luckily there is still Footlocker, so no need to panic now!

I actually kind of kept forgetting about regions this week, despite the fact that I was running every day training for it.  You just get used to that kind of thing.  But the posters that were put on our lockers were a nice reminder, it is always so cute how they do that for us!

Anyway.  Today during fourth period we traveled to the course and were dismayed to discover just how hot it was outside.  It could definitely have been worse, though!

I ran pretty reasonably.  For my first race that my IT Band wasn't hurting, I'd say I did pretty good!  But, as you know, times don't matter to me as much as just having fun does.  And I did have fun on this course despite how horrible and repetitive it is!

I'll save my whole "cross country has made my life so much better" spiel for when the season is officially over, but I will say that I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to run and compete with my team these past four years.  I have loved (almost) every moment of it, and won't ever forget the memories we have made!

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