Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My family is so much fun!  We all decided that we should check out this place called Evermore.  It is going to be a theme park or something, but it isn't ready yet.  They opened just for the weekend so that people could come and get a taste of what it will be like.  It was a lot of fun!

There was delicious food.  We had to buy some kettle corn!  I didn't eat tons of it, though, because there was this Korean food truck and holy cow.... it was amazing!  I am going to need to find that truck again, I will be craving Korean for a while now.

There were some fun things to see, like fake people who we almost thought were real, and ladies carrying around snakes (I stayed away!)

Let's also take note that cats and plaid go very nicely together.  I questioned it at first, but then I started thinking about a cat sitting on a plaid couch and that made me decide that this combo is awesome.

Our favorite part was the haunted cemetery!  We went through it twice, once while it was light, and once while it was dark.  We had to go twice because they made it more "haunted" the later it got.  It was really fun both times!  Haha, my family just cracks me up so much.  I wish I had a video of Kylie skipping out ahead of everyone, then jumping several feet into the air when a guy popped out of a grave.

It was a wonderful evening!  I love October!

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