Friday, October 24, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 1)

I got to help Ethan reply to Kate, the girl who asked him to Sadie Hawkin's.  He put a smoothie from Roxberry in a pot with a poster saying "It would Roxberry much to go to Sadie's with you!"

Ethan is just the sweetest.  He made Kylee and I smoothies, even though it meant having to go to Kylee's work to give it to her!

Kylee gave us two forks and part of a cake in return.  Ethan and I ate it in my car.  It was some good stuff!

I gathered the Polaroids from A101 and ULTI!  I then put them in the display case for all to see.

Sarah hung up our drawings from A101 in Dustin's room.  They really sum up the experience!

Jooeun is my favorite!  She made my day by messaging me on Facebook.  It was so great to hear from her!  And I laughed because she admitted that sometimes she likes to take pictures with the creepy smile business card I gave her two years ago.

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