Saturday, October 25, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

Jeff and I had to make a poster for Organic Chemistry.  We only had one night to do it, so naturally we only put in half effort and added plenty of macaroni and unrelated drawings.  We also spelled naphthalene wrong half of the time.  But hey, we got full credit!

Cookies are an important part of our household.  We are very careful in selecting only the best cookie dough from Smith's.  And then we eat half of it before we can cook it.

Dustin took us down into the tunnels during school!  We had to look around so that we can start thinking about how to make them scary for the SkillsUSA social next week.

We proceeded to advertise for the social.  As usual, hanging posters resulted in skipping classes and being hooligans by moving other people's signs for ours.

Thank goodness we had all of Baileys 5 foot 8 inches for those hard-to-reach places!

Kylee and I went on a Starbucks trip.  We just love talking to each other!  Oh, and we love pumpkin steamers.

Jeff and I helped Kylee ask Stewart to Sadie's!  We drew all over his driveway with chalk.  It was pretty exciting!

For the first time in weeks, I didn't have any sort of meeting during lunch.  We decided to take advantage of the time, and stopped somewhere for lunch!

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