Saturday, October 4, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Kess and I had our last breakfast (raspberry pie counts as breakfast, right?) together for a year and a half!  Allie and Rick decided to skip class and join us.  It was a quality time.

Kess wanted to say goodbye to Ethan, so we hunted him down, took him out of class, and said some final goodbyes.  I definitely cried when I had to hug Kess for the last time (for a year and a half)!

It kind of sucks when your sister leaves for her mission the day before your birthday, so I took Allie on a much-deserved Starbucks date.  We just love steamers!

Tyler is so funny!  He has been handing out these business cards, which also include his contact information.  I hope that these get him lots of dates, haha!

My other cousin Alli (the Asian one) started a blog!  I'm really excited about it.  Alli makes the most delicious food and takes the most stunning pictures.  It is truly an art.  Oh, and she is hilarious!  So check out her blog!

This is Darin.  I only see him and talk to him about twice a year, but he is always doing something funny!  Yesterday he was rocking the flower crown he made in his floral design class.


Anonymous said...

Hello Madi

I am sorry your friend Ethan is leaving, but keep in mind that when he visits for the holidays you two will have so much to talk about. I love the outfit your wearing with the navy and grey dress. And the white tights very much complements the outfit. I don't know but if your wearing saddle shoes or penny loafers it would be a very retro complete outfit. I hope you have a great week as well and please do some outfit of the day fashion posts. Oh stick with the bangs. If you ever considered getting your hair cut I would go with a bob cut.

Best Wishes Always

Madi Riye said...

Hi Amy!
It is actually my friend Kess that is leaving. But you're right - the next time I see her will be so much fun!
And thank you! I love this sweater dress as well, I got it vintage in Salt Lake City a couple years ago. I was wearing some vintage style brown shoes that day - I definitely did feel retro!
I like the idea of "Outfit of the Day" posts, those would be fun and easy. And I think I will stick with the bangs. I really would love to get a bob cut, but I am too afraid to chop off my hair, haha!
I hope that you also have a great week!
-Madi Riye

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