Thursday, October 9, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Organic Chemistry is more work than I thought it would be.  I was kind of regretting taking it this week (because I don't even need a science credit!), but then our teacher told us to go to the grocery store instead of class to look for plastics.  It's all good now.

My mom and I go to Costa Vida at least once a week.  No lie!  Their enchiladas are just SO GOOD.

Oh look, here we are going twice in one week.  We had to make Sarah try it - she never had before!

Regions is this week!  We had a really good team dinner where we ate delicious food and listened to an amazing speaker.  Yay cross country!

We thought it was about time we went to get froyo.  We haven't been in so long!  I'm just mad that they still haven't gotten lemon back.

I finally redid the display case!  It is my responsibility as Communications Officer to stay on top of that, but I really couldn't do it without Ethan and Jeff's help.

G is simply my favorite.  He has been working so hard on making these cards for a game.  Him, Eths, Jeff, Bailey, Chance, and I tried out the game during lunch one day, and I must say that it is pretty fun!  Haha!

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