Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hiking Timpanogos

Earlier this week I wrote my friend Sam (he and Dayson are my friends in my distance ed classes) a very formal letter asking him if he would accompany me to Sadie Hawkin's.  He thought the letter was weird, but decided to say yes anyway.  How did he do so?  He took me to the top of Timpanogos!

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I was DYING to go hiking?  But nobody would go with me because I wanted to go 10 miles?  Well, Sam didn't even know that, so it was kind of crazy when he asked me if I would hike Timpanogos with him.  That's 15 miles!  Yay!

Anyway, we left really early in the morning.  Like at 5:59.  We drove up the canyon and started hiking in the dark!  Luckily he remembered a flashlight.

It's too bad that I'm so horrible at taking night pictures.  I couldn't get any pictures until the sun started coming up!

We hiked and we hiked and we hiked and we hiked.  I stopped several times to take pictures, it was so beautiful!

I wore my GPS watch, and that was useful because we could kind of track how much we had left.  Near the top, the hike turned extremely treacherous.  It was so rocky, I thought I was going to slip, fall down the entire mountain, and die!  But, that didn't happen.  The extreme wind did knock me over twice, but that was into the mountain.  The shack at the top was a blessed sight to see!

We took cover in there for a while and ate some food that we brought.  We were shivering so bad, we soon decided to head back down the mountain because the top was too cold.  We did enjoy the view, though!

On the way back down we got a little bit lost.  That's what happens when you follow where people come from rather than where the trail is.  We then had to blaze a trail that seemed extremely hazardous.  But I have to say that it was a fun adventure!

Eventually we reached the bottom.  We were still a little bit chilled from the top of the mountain, so we decided that some hot chocolate was in order.  It was actually Sam's first time at Starbucks!  And I was pretty excited that they've started selling salted caramel  hot chocolate again.  Dang, that stuff is good.

So yeah.  It was such a fun date!  I've lived in Utah my whole life and had never hiked Timp until today.  I feel pretty accomplished.  Thanks so much, Sam, for taking me!

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