Friday, October 31, 2014

It Is Halloween!

Wooh!  Halloween!  I've really enjoyed Halloween these past two years because I've found it to be an excuse to sew something awesome.  I need more reasons to sew!  Plus it is a lot of fun to put together costumes and to pretend to be someone for the day.

This year I decided to be Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom.  Mostly because she has the cutest dress ever and I wanted it.  Luckily I had the most amazing and perfectly colored fabric already!  I think I must have bought it a long time ago at a thrift store or something.

Suzy is kind of hostile, so I tried not to smile.

I whipped it together on Tuesday night because I needed to have it done for the SkillsUSA party on Wednesday.  For a one-night project I think it turned out pretty well!

My great-uncle's binoculars were the perfect touch!

I did dress up to school!  I was surprised with how many people did.  Ethan had the cutest dinosaur jacket, and G's wookie costume was hilarious.  It was kind of funny that Bailey, Jeff, and I each had binoculars as part of our costumes!

Bailey was an ornithologist and Jeff was an over-the-top hipster.

I've been a horrible person this week and have not gone to very much school at all.  I let that pattern continue today as Sarah and I went to my mom's class for 4th period!  We really wanted to see all her cute students in their costumes and help with the party.

Believe it or not... I also actually went to a real party in the evening!  Like an actual party with a lot of high schoolers being all social and flirty and whatnot.  It was pretty fun!  I enjoyed talking to everybody, especially these two ladies.

We had to laugh at the signs Tyler put up.  Don't worry, they weren't serious signs, Tyler just wanted to get Matt into trouble!  Haha!

We ate crepes, talked, played games, and watched part of a movie.  I was kind of falling asleep during the movie, so I was glad when Ky said we should call it a night.

All in all, it was a great Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madi

Really cute Halloween outfit!! ;o) But I am a little sad that you did not get the saddle shoes to go with it (were they too expensive?).
Have a great week.

Best Wishes Always

Madi Riye said...

Oh thank you, Amy! I know, I wish I could have gotten some saddle shoes, but they were a bit too expensive for my budget! And I have a bit of a fear of ordering shoes online, since sizes are so different between every brand haha. I hope that you also have a great week!

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