Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seiji Is 19!

What!  That's right.  I have started to get over the fact that Seiji is just getting older and older.  Though it is still sad because it seems like just yesterday that he and I were kids!

Now he is all old and stuff.  I'm lucky he's stuck around home at least this long, but come January he will be off and married!  We will cross that emotional bridge when we come to it, but until then I will focus on the facts that I will get his room for whatever I want (okay, shared with my mother, but still) and his parking spot which is a good 5 feet closer to the door than mine is.

Anyway, I've blogged about this boy on his birthday for 4 years now, so I've about said it all.  Basically Seiji is my best friend and I am so grateful that he has been my brother all these years.  We always got along so well, and I've always looked up to him so much!  I used to think that I also wanted a sister, but I'm really glad that it is just Seiji and I.  Plus, he is marrying a lady, so I still get a sister!

Seiji has a way of making life a lot more fun than it originally is.  Whenever I'm having issues, I can always count on Seiji to help me laugh at them and realize that maybe things aren't as horrible as they seem.  I feel like he is always there for me when I need him, and I think that it is the greatest thing ever that through him, we have the priesthood in our home.

So Seiji... I love you so much!  I am proud to be your sister!

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