Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SkillsUSA Halloween Party

Oh my gosh - the SkillsUSA Halloween party was so much fun!

It was quite the process to plan.  Normally school clubs don't get permission to to go into the tunnels under the school because they aren't exactly safe.  But Dustin is so awesome and he talked administration into giving us permission.  Not even student council could do that!

As you saw on Monday, we spent a lot of time getting the tunnels ready.  We mostly worked on lighting.  We had black lights, strobe lights, and creepy colored lights.  We wanted to make the tunnels "haunted", so Eths, Mckall, Jeff, Chance, a bunch of adults, and I were the scarers while Bailey gave the tours.

I must say that I was pretty creepy!  We set up a TV with fuzz, like on The Ring, and I hung out around it in a vintage white dress with my hair over my face.  I have the most bloodcurdling scream, and I am proud to say that I scared a lot of people!

Jeff ran around with a creepy mask and rusty scissors, and Ethan hung out in a hole with some scary sounding music boxes (they actually play primary songs and Christmas music, but if you play them all at once then it is actually quite haunting).  I wish Dustin put the recap on YouTube, but he only put it on the website.  So do yourself a favor and click the following link and scroll down a bit to watch the video!

It was so much fun, I enjoyed hanging out in the tunnels and creeping people out more than I thought I would.  Also - I'm not even afraid of the tunnels anymore - I was sitting in the dark all alone!  Woot!  Haha okay, maybe I was a little bit afraid after cleaning up when Ethan and I took a final round in the dark to make sure we got everything.  But still!

We wore normal costumes while above ground so that nobody would recognize us!

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