Wednesday, October 22, 2014


While the rest of the high school went back to school yesterday, Jeff, Bailey, and I skipped yet another day for yet another leadership conference with our awesome advisers.

Presidential Pyramid.  Now if only G was in this picture with us!

And don't worry - we brought the Polaroid again!

What I've learned about leadership conferences is that you take out of them what you put into them.  And I don't really put much into them, so I didn't learn very much at all.  I can't even tell you what ULTI (the name of the conference) stands for!  We were having too much fun talking, eating Asian candy, and playing with my new camera (which I haven't even told you about yet, so forget I mentioned it).

After a guest speaker, we were split up and sent to classes.  I made a few friends and sometimes pretended to pay attention to the state officers, actually!  So it was good.

After the classes we listened to the Attorney General speak.  I had actually met him last week, so it was pretty cool to see him again!  Bailey, Jeff, and I decided that we should get a picture with him.

We were then given free t-shirts and sunglasses and were told it was time to go home.  However, our bus wasn't there to pick us up yet... so we did some exploring.  I love UVU campus!

So yeah.  It was a good day!  I had a lot of fun, and it was nice not going to school (even though I have to make up some work now...)  I hope that another leadership conference opportunity presents itself soon, because they've really grown on me!


Angee said...

Are these pictures taken with your new camera? Whatever camera you used takes great indoor photos which is hard to do...

Madi Riye said...

Yup, I used my new camera! It has yet to disappoint!

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