Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I Have Been Listening To Lately

It is that time of year again!  Time to share with the world what my ears have been taking in these days.  Music isn't a big part of my life like it used to be.  I used to ALWAYS be listening to music, but now I just really enjoy silence.  Of course, I still love listening to music sometimes, especially while in the car when I can sing along and if people look at me weird I can pretend that I'm talking on the phone.

The Cure
Just look at these guys - how could you not love whatever comes out of these wonderful heads of hair?!  Don't answer that question.  A month or so ago, my mom got me hooked onto the "Just Like Heaven" Pandora station (it is a really good one!)  And since then I just can't get enough of The Cure (I must be really sick.... HA!)

Mideau has been on my mind lately because I've been thinking about that wonderful album release concert they had a year ago.  They are so talented!  I hope that they come out with another album soon, that would be most appreciatory and I would definitely support.  Their music is just so catchy and great!  And they are local, so that is cool.  Check out their website.

Emiliana Torrini
I discovered good old Emiliana while watching the Lord of the Rings credits several years ago.  She sang one of the songs and I instantly loved her voice!  Oooh.  Since then, I have listened to this album an incredible amount of times.  It is definitely not well known, but she is extremely fabulous so I recommend.

Lykke Li
Will I ever get sick of Lykke Li?  I doubt it.  I have loved her forever, and I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this exact album before because I love it so much.  She is just so weird and that weirdness + her talent = an album you can't stop listening to... for like 4 years.  Maybe 5.  Good lady.

So yeah.  There you go, there's my blog post for the day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madi

Wait until you hear "Fridays I'm in Love" and if you like that song you should listen too this song its sort of a bubble gum song but catchy

Have a Great Day

Madi Riye said...

Hi Amy!

Okay, thank you for sharing that video with me - I really enjoyed it! Haha, you've got to love those 80s videos. And it's such a catchy song! I also love "Fridays I'm In Love", The Cure is just the greatest!


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