Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Better Saturday Than Most

I am going to give you a full account of the day I had today.  Why?  Because it was a fabulous one!

First of all I got up and ready for the day, then started playing some piano.  Jeff came over, and we jammed to some Phantom.  I really do love doing that, haha!  It's fun playing while he sings, though I'm sure my family thinks we are complete weirdos.  Really, we were just trying to kill time while Bailey was on his way over to my house.

Once Bailey showed up we were off to Ocean Mart!  Okay, that place really is the best place ever.  Especially when you are with someone who has never been there, because then you have an excuse to go through every single aisle and look at everything!  It was Bailey's first time there, and he was on the lookout for great Asian food and Indonesian noodles.

I will forever mourn over the fact that this picture was taken while my camera was still on manual focus without my knowledge.  These leading lines are just too magnificent.

We spent forever there and it was fantastic.  I have never seen it busier!  While walking in, I told my friends to be prepared to be the minority, but it was astounding how many white people were at the Asian market today.  Bailey kept count, and I think he got up to about 30 by the end of our shopping experience!

After we were done, we sat in my car for a while and ate some of the food we bought.  Bailey bought some dried fish on a stick, and it was absolutely the grossest thing ever.  Well, it didn't taste that bad, but the texture killed me.  I couldn't finish!  And Jeff only could because Bailey paid him to!

This is when I finally noticed that my camera was on manual focus.  So I changed it!  Yay!

We then went to Cafe Rio, which is really not as delicious as Costa Vida.  Not even close.  It was fun, though!  Sarah called me in the middle of my enchilada and informed me that I needed to find a date asap because she was planning to take the fastest runner in the state (yeah, that's right) on a date that night and she needed me to double.  So I called up good old Tyler, because I think he is one fantastic individual, and asked him if he would go with me.  It was a tough conversation, because Jeff and Bailey were laughing really hard at me while I was talking, and so of course I was laughing too.  Luckily Tyler said he would go with me.  Crisis averted!

We finished up our Mexican food (I took so long eating that it was completely cold by the end) and then headed off towards home.  My camera was in the back with Bailey, and so I found a couple of gems on my SD card that I wasn't expecting.

The three of us had some excellent conversations that ended with making the goal to go to the temple regularly together.  The influence of righteous friends is astounding, and I feel so blessed that I have so many friends with similar goals and priorities as me!

We hung around my house for a while, then I was off to pick up my date!

It was just Zach, Sarah, Tyler, and I.  The four of us went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  Basically it was an awesome idea, because I got my date and I in for free, and Sarah and her date in for half off because of my employee discounts!

We had a lot of fun, and spent tons of time looking at everything.  Apparently there are 13 hidden gnomes around the museum, and we forgot most of the time to look but did find one.  We will have to go back sometime to find the other 12!

Everyone knows most dinosaurs had two heads.  Really.

After we went to the museum, I was starving so we headed next door to the deli.  They have the best fries ever!

So yeah, basically it was a really fun date.  Tyler is so great, I enjoyed spending time with him.  And it was cool to meet the fastest runner in the state!  I mean really, that does not happen every day, haha.

The clock in Sarah's car was off, so I thought we were dropping off our dates at 10 but it was really only 9.  So afterward, Sarah and I decided that we should hang around, which of course resulted in visiting Ethan at his work.  I love peach smoothies!  And I love Ethan!  Plus I bought him some Pocari Sweat at Ocean Mart and wanted to give it to him.

By this time of the day, we looked like death and my voice sounded like death times two.  I've been kind of sick lately, so talking became a struggle, especially after such a day.  But, my mom was at home also feeling sick, and we needed milk, so it was off to Wal-Mart for us!

Of course, every Wal-Mart trip turns into an adventure for Sarah and I, and though we didn't run into anyone we knew, tonight was no exception.  You see, it was freaking cold outside, so the two of us, grocery bags in hand, booked it to the parking lot after we bought everything we needed.  We quickly loaded up groceries into the car in record time and were about to get in when Sarah yells, "WRONG CAR!!"

Who parks their white Honda Accord right next to another white Honda Accord and leaves it unlocked!?!  They were asking for it.  So we panicked and probably looked extremely suspicious as we loaded our groceries into Sarah's car and took off towards home.

We took the groceries into my house and decided to call it a day.  A fabulous day, at that.  I mean, I have some pretty good Saturdays, but this one was absolutely packed with tons of fun things!  So I must agree with Bailey, who said on the way home from Cafe Rio, "this was a better Saturday than most."

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