Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Stop At The Salt Lake Temple

On Sunday, after I spent many hours at the Buddhist temple, I was pretty much ready to be at an LDS temple instead.  Of course, I couldn't do baptisms since it was Sunday, but I decided to just walk around the grounds of Temple Square!

As you can see, they are getting ready for the Christmas lights!  Screech!  Man, it was really cold walking around, especially because I forgot my coat.  But luckily I had the piece of vintage polyester that I used as a tablecloth for my booth, so I just walked around with that around me, haha.

Other than the coldness, it was a beautiful day and being next to this most amazing building made it even more beautiful.  I had a lovely time taking pictures of it (I'm glad I brought my Lumix with me that day!  Of course, my Canon would have been better, but you know) and just sitting and staring at it.

You know, many Mormons only dream of seeing the Salt Lake temple, and I can pretty much go see it whenever I want.  That makes me feel pretty lucky. I left Salt Lake City that day feeling extremely blessed to live in a place where I'm surrounded by temples.  I love Utah!

I also got really lost on my way home because my phone died and I can't get anywhere without GPS.  But I eventually found my way home.  Teehee.

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