Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Duchess Hot Chocolate

Remember how Seiji, Nathan, and I went to go get Korean food at a food truck lineup last week?  Well, after we ate our delicious food, I decided that I wanted some hot chocolate.  So I bought some from this stand which was pulled by a tricycle, expecting your regular old hot chocolate.  Holy cow.  It was basically the greatest thing in the whole world!  I tried it, then made Seiji and Kylie take a sip and they immediately went over to her and bought their own cup of magic.

First of all, the cutest lady in the world runs the stand.  Her name is Clare, and she is from the United Kingdom and has a fabulous accent.  She calls you "darling" and tells you about her hot chocolate philosophies - how we need to rid the world of "that watery brown stuff".  The entire drive home from Orem was spent listening to Seiji and Nathan talk about how Clare was sent from the heavens to change the world with her glorious hot chocolate.  All four of us became addicted that night.

See, this is not your average hot chocolate.  It is really rich and extremely thick.  Basically melted chocolate in heavy whipping cream mixed with a little bit wizardry.  She tops it off with even more whipped cream, then shaves a block of chocolate over it.  Then she gives you biscoff cookies to go with it!

So, of course, we had to take our mom there!  We drove all the way back up to Orem on Monday just for some more delicious hot chocolate.

It was too rich for our mom, actually.  But she did admit that it was impressive and that the hot chocolate lady is adorable.

So if you ever see Clare's stand, be sure to stop and try her hot chocolate!  It will change your life and you will find yourself craving it every day of your life.  Starbucks just doesn't have what it takes anymore.

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