Sunday, November 30, 2014

Favorites Of Thanksgiving Break (Part 2)

Sarah and I decided to go on a drive up to Draper temple!  A drive is a great excuse to talk, and talking is our favorite pastime.

We couldn't quite get a good picture, and some kind old guy noticed our frustration.  So he kindly took this picture for us.  Much better!

Whenever Sarah and I hang out, we somehow end up at the grocery store and those grocery store trips turn into great adventures.  This particular time, we ran into two of our friends and literally stood there and talked for an hour.  It was way fun!

Shakee!  He actually has been driving me a little bit crazy lately, but I do love him.  It is so cute when I'm just doing homework and he comes and sits in the sliver of light that comes through my partially-opened curtains.

So, I took a nap the other day because I was so tired.  My sleep schedule has been way off.  But I always feel so gross when I wake up from naps!  After this particular nap I took, I rolled into Seiji's room where I found Kylie also waking up from a nap (she fell asleep while Seiji and Nathan were playing video games... I don't blame her!)  She and I didn't know how to get rid of the gross feeling: we tried sitting outside in the cold, drinking ice water, and brushing our teeth.  We decided that there was only one thing to do to make ourselves feel better!  And, we both had spent all day wanting to go to the temple but not really telling anyone, so it was kind of perfect.
We decided to go way out of our way to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  It is so pretty!

I am so obsessed with She & Him's new music video.  Zooey's dancing is always mesmerizing, M. Ward is just cool in every way, this house is gorgeous, and they just work so well with 60s music!  I love it!

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