Saturday, November 29, 2014

Favorites Of Thanksgiving Break (Part 1)

I had the entire week off of my college classes!  Since the only classes I'm taking through the high school are conditioning, seminary, and organic chemistry, I'm counting the entire week as Thanksgiving break.  Of course, G's classroom is one of my favorite places in the world, so even though I didn't have classes, I still hung around there.  That's why you will see some school pictures!

I went to school to find G and Mrs. Greenwood in the most delightful sweaters.  At first I was offended that they didn't tell me that it was sweater day, but it turns out it was teacher sweater day!  I approve.

Also, G decorated for Christmas and I couldn't imagine a cozier sight.  Actually, I probably could, but this is one dashing alcove.

Why yes, we did have an acid party in Organic Chemistry!  As in, we each were assigned a different acid and we brought food containing it.  Very thrilling, if I do say so myself.

The Skills presidency worked hard on coming up with a t-shirt design after deciding that the taco idea didn't make the cut (I still want a taco shirt though, G).  Here are two more of our ideas...

Don't worry - if this one actually came to pass we would make sure that the music actually was the theme song!

Ethan and I tracked down Cupbop!  It was a very special moment, as Ethan had never had Korean food before.  Life-changing, even.

Mario Kart at Stewart's?  Probably one of the best uses of time.  I seriously love that game.

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