Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Look at us, the SkillsUSA presidency donating for the community service project some of our members are doing!  Just kidding, this picture was posed for publicity purposes.  But I promise, we will donate!  (And if you go to our school, please consider donating as well.)
There was a meeting put on by student council for the presidents of each club in our school.  As we are known to do, SkillsUSA went above and beyond and showed up with THREE representatives instead of one.  In matching uniforms, no less.

How cute is this?  During his sister's piano lesson, Dawson (who is absolutely delightful, by the way) was drawing a picture of Shakee, and Shakee was standing all still modeling for him.

Jeff, Bailey, and I went to the temple!  I'd say it was an exceptionally special trip because Bailey reminded Jeff and I just how big of a deal it is to go and do such important work.  I'm so used to going to the temple on a regular basis, and though that is a great habit, I need to work on keeping in mind why I go and what an honor it is to help out with the ordinances vital for the salvation of others.

Let's talk about how fun it is to Facetime with Eths!  Funniest kid.  In the world.
I think that this should be the picture of the decade.  I love it.

My friends have had a thing for label makers as of late.  We labeled lots of things in G's room, and upon finding a label maker in my kitchen, the habit of course continued...

While going through my pictures taken this week, I found this surprise on my camera!  I don't even know when it was taken except for that it was sometime in o-chem.
Speaking of this individual pictured below; Tyler, Jeff and I went and saw the school play this week.  They put on "Urinetown", which I was hesitant to see because of the name.  But after discussing it with Noah's mom (she's my absolutely delightful distance education facilitator) I decided that I wanted to see it.  And, of course, it was amazing!  Our musical theater department never fails to amaze me, and I liked the story surprisingly well.  I'm into symbolism.

Lastly, here is a post from my dear old friend Lincoln.  I find it truly inspiring.

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