Saturday, November 8, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Jeff, Ethan, and I would always tell Chance and Bailey how delicious Thai food it, so we went and got it for lunch one day so that they could see for themselves.  It was delicious - everyone loves Thai!

Here's the finished display case!  I'm quite proud of it, actually.
Featuring, "Oh my Gosh, my Dog Just Gave Birth!"

The first time I printed Ethan's picture, it got kind of scratched.  That bothered me, so I reprinted it and Jeff and I hung up the old one on the OCC podium for all to gaze at!

Dustin got some fancy piece of filming equipment called a Ronan or something like that.  It's so fancy, he bribed Ethan and I to guard it while he and G went to get lunch.  It was a struggle, but Ethan and I fulfilled our duties!
It actually wasn't that much of a struggle.  Ethan gave me a delicious granola bar and some juice so it was all worth it.

Sarah and I went to visit Eths at Roxberry!  Mostly because I've been wanting to try their Orange Creamsicle smoothie.  It was great!

We also went to Wal-Mart where we stood for like 30 minutes watching a dead fish being eaten by a crab, helped Parker hide under a pile of dog beds, and ran into/screeched at Bailey and a guy who Sarah remembers but he does not remember her at all.  Apparently Wal-Mart is where it's at on Friday nights!

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