Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm in Love (With a Panasonic Lumix GM1)

FINALLY I get to tell you about my new camera!  I have just had so much to blog about lately, so I've been putting it off.  Seriously though, October was crazy, so many post-worthy opportunities came up!

So let's get right to it.  Have you noticed that I've been posting way less IPhone pictures these past few weeks?  It's because of this sexy thing!

I screeched a little after I took this picture.

I saw it for the first time at Pictureline when we were at A101.  One might say it was love at first sight.  After A101, I ordered it off of Amazon after doing some research.  And it has not disappointed me yet!

First of all, it is adorable.  I took the state photography test last year, and one of the questions was "does color matter when buying a camera?"  I answered "yes" and got it wrong.  Though the state may say that color doesn't matter.... IT DOES.  I mean look at this!  It is orange!  And it looks retro!  Adorable!  And that size..... it is tiny!  It is the size of a point and shoot.  I have worn it around my neck every day since I bought it, and it hasn't even injured me.  That's how light it is.

Despite its point and shoot size, it takes amazing pictures.  Because it is a hybrid!  That means it is a mix between a point and shoot camera and an SLR.  No, the pictures aren't going to be as amazing quality as they would be with my Canon, but I can still put it on manual, shoot in raw, and change out the lenses.  I'm still going to take my Canon out as often as ever, mostly when on photography expeditions, but my Lumix will be with me for my everyday activities!

Another appealing feature about this camera is the fact that you can sync it up to your smartphone.  That's right.  Anytime, anyplace, I can access my SD card right from my IPhone and pull the pictures to post online or whatever.  Isn't that amazing?!  So ideal for an Instagram addict like me.

There are so many fun little features on this camera.  Though I won't use them very often, there are a lot of cool filters to use, and specific settings for things like "cute desserts" or "sweet child's face" (Ethan and I laughed while going through all of them).

I seriously recommend this camera to everyone, especially for those who see SLRs as confusing and big.  You're not sacrificing tons of quality here (the sensor size is pretty big!), and the size of the camera is just so convenient.  I've been able to get some nice pictures that I formerly wouldn't have been able to, because I usually only had my phone camera with me.  You never know when a picture moment will pop up!

If you are interested, be sure to buy it off of Amazon since it is a good $200 cheaper there than it is on the Panasonic website or in stores.

Best impulse buy ever!

I named her Agnes.


Angee said...

What's the zoom like on it?

Madi Riye said...

It comes with a 12-32mm zoom lens. So the optical zoom isn't amazing, but it hasn't bothered me yet! I could always get a different zoom lens, but they're about as expensive as the camera itself, haha.

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