Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Parent Recommendation (By Tyler)

I was telling Tyler about how my mom needs to write a parent recommendation statement for something I'm applying for.  Well, being the caring and entirely fantastic person that he is, Tyler saved my mother from the burden and wrote the statement himself.

 Madison has always been close to me.  As the winds of time have eroded the family unit, the bond between my daughter and myself has withstood the storm that is forever raging and destroying the relationships that define us as human.  But what does it mean to truly be human?  How can one define a person when we are all unique from one another?  There is no description possible to define my daughter Madison. The only way I can do so is to do so in a parable.  This story is one of my favorites:

     There once was a fine young prince wandering through the desert of life.  He did not know his destination for he had none.  He just kept wandering and wandering.  Then one day there came a lost merchant.
     "Help me!" cried the merchant.
The prince stopped.  For it had been 3 years since the last time he had heard the voice of another human, and now he heard the cry of a man like the sound of a young babe, and he would answer with the roar of a lion.
     The prince ran to the man who now lay face down in the sand.  He lay unconscious and cold in the sand.  The man was dead.

 Like this prince, we must be diligent in answering the call of help from others.  Madison does just this.  The cry of help from the people beckons to her ears, and she rushes to them, but unlike the dying merchants, the people Madison helps are saved.

My life has truly been saved by my daughter.  She has rushed to my aid while I am wandering lost through the desert of life, and she has saved me.

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