Friday, November 28, 2014

Pictures From Thanksgiving

As all Thanksgivings are, yesterday was extremely eventful!  The day started with getting up early to help my grandma cook in our pajamas.

As usual, making the cheesecake was my job!  Last year I added too much vanilla, and every year I tend to make it too chunky.  Well, this year I made the cheesecake perfectly, if I do say so myself!  Perfectly smooth and delicious...

I'm pretty sure we get this same picture every year.

Eventually noon rolled around, and everyone showed up to eat!  The food was absolutely wonderful.  My grandma's stuffing is the best around!  I ate as much as I could.

After we ate, we decided that planting trees in cartons of cement sounded like a good holiday activity.  These are going to be decorations for Seiji and Kylie's wedding!

For dinner, we headed over to my dad's side of the family.  Family dinners on that side consist of a LOT of waiting.  A lot.  But it is always fun because I like hanging out with my cousins!  We always end up in the basement playing Mario.

We did eat dinner at some point, and it was delicious.  I love that my grandma makes shrimp no matter what occasion it is - it is so good!  Dessert was delicious too, as Vanessa made a cake to celebrate Nathan and my mom's birthday.

By then, I was about to die of exhaustion.  But I had an excellent Thanksgiving!  I hope that you did too!

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