Friday, November 7, 2014

Presidency Photoshoot

Being in charge of the SkillsUSA display case is really fun!  If you remember, there were pumpkins in it for all of October because of Halloween.  Pumpkins are food, so it was kind of concerning last week when G and I realized that neither of us knew where the only key to the case was.  We knew we had to find it quick before the pumpkins rotted, so we cleaned off his entire desk and I searched my car; but it was nowhere to be found.  Finally G found it... in his jacket pocket!  Haha!

Anyway.  We needed something to put in the display case before we put up Christmas stuff in December.  After much thought, I decided that we should do a spotlight on the presidency because I am obsessed with us!

That, of course, was an idea that involved pictures of us.  So we had a bit of a presidency photoshoot!  We got some really nice headshots of each of us separately, but I'm going to share with you guys some of our best work.  Ethan would say a title and we would pose for it.  For example:

I Can't Find the Display Case Key!

I Was Driving and Then I Stopped and Took A Selfie

Oh my Gosh,  my Dog Just Gave Birth!

Chance and his Quesaritos

Black and White

My 3-toed Sloth is Missing so I Have to Pretend to be him for a Picture so that he can be Found

Pretty good, right?!  We have a lot of fun!

We were supposed to be meeting with G about hot chocolate, but we got so into taking pictures that the meeting never happened. 

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