Friday, November 14, 2014

Sadie Hawkin's

Sadie Hawkin's was tonight!  It was just Ky and I (and our dates, of course) in a group this time, and we didn't even plan a day date because we both work, haha.  But we had so much fun anyway!

Before we picked up our dates, we decided that we should get some shots of just the two of us because we looked pretty adorable.  The dance was 50's themed, and since we love Grease so much we decided to pretend it was Grease themed!  Ky dressed as a pink lady, and I made myself one quality Patty Simcox costume.  Mostly because I only had blue polyester for the skirt.

Don't judge our wrinkly backdrop.

Eventually we did pick up our dates and brought them back for some pictures!  Ky asked the wonderful Stewart, and they looked freaking ADORABLE.  I mean really!  I can't handle this picture!

And as you know, I asked Sam!  He had a goal to not go to a single high school dance, but I ruined his hopes and dreams, hahaha.

We were then off to Koi!  We decided to go to this particular restaurant because you never have to wait long there.  But there ended up being a super long list and we waited FOREVER!  But that is okay, we had a fun time chatting and freaking out as spiders kept falling on Sam.  Plus, the more time waiting for a table, the more time spent not at the dance itself!  (We all agreed that dances are horrible things).

Eventually we got seated.  Kylee and I taught the boys how to eat with chopsticks, but they still ended up eating with forks, haha.  Also, we are terrible girls and somehow convinced both Sam and Stewart to eat large amounts of wasabi in one bite.  It was the funniest thing, but so horrible to watch their eyes watering like crazy!  Haha!

After Koi, we went to the dance where we stayed for probably only like a half hour or so.  It was the perfect amount of time!  We wandered around for a little bit, looking for people that we know and criticizing everyone's costumes.  Most people actually looked really cute and authentic this time, much to our surprise!  We did some dancing (twirling in my circle skirt is a super fun thing to do), and then it was off to Cold Stone where we ate delicious ice cream.  Ice cream is my favorite.

So yeah!  It was a fabulous evening, I am glad that I went!  Yes, dances themselves are horrible things, but you know what?  High school only comes around once in a lifetime, so I've got to do these things while I'm here!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madi
Really cute outfit, love that you went as Patty Simcox instead of Sandy! Quick question did you wear bobby socks and sneakers like this?

Sorry I can't tell.

Best Wishes Always

Madi Riye said...

Thanks Amy! I've always thought Patty's outfit was so cute, I was excited for an excuse to dress up as her. My shoes didn't match, though! I wore some white wingtip t-straps. I guess I should have included them in the pictures, haha!
Have a good one :)

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