Thursday, November 20, 2014

Some Much Needed Decor

Remember how I have the best job ever at Thanksgiving Point?  Yes, I still love it.  My favorite thing about it is that my hours are good and my super nice boss is extremely willing to give me extra time off if I need to do homework (which has definitely come in handy).  Another great thing is that I work alone a lot of the time.  Most kids wouldn't like that, but as much as I love people, they kind of make me nervous.  So working alone is calming and quite peaceful to me.  Gives me a chance to clear my mind a bit.

However, working with my one and only coworker has proven to be just as good (actually even better!) than working alone.  Her name is Madison and she is awesome!  It is definitely confusing that we both have the same name, but there's not much we can do about that.  I'm just glad that she goes by Madison instead of Madi, it does simplify things a little.

Anyway.  Things have been slow in the sign room, since winter is coming and there are less events going on and stuff.  So Madison and I have spent some time, uh, "deep cleaning" (more like exploring) the room and came across this fantastic gem hidden in a pile of ancient corrugated plastic.  A drawing of a maintenance shed!  Gorgeous!

Madison put it on a table and dubbed it the picture of the week.  As such, we invited it to inspire us and make us want to do our job even better than we already do.  We thought we had really hit the jackpot until the next day when we reached into a mass of cobwebs and found this piece, which clearly exceeds all beauty we have ever beheld:

We can't say we've ever been in the presence of something so completely stunning.  Though we already have a picture of the week, we knew right away that this picture deserves a spot of permanent honor.

I'm pretty sure none of you are going to think this new decor is as funny as we think it is.  We laughed for about 15 minutes straight.

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