Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sterling Scholar

Two banquets in one night, neither one being of lesser dad and I had to go banquet hopping!

What was this second banquet for?  Well it turns out I am my high school's Skilled and Technical Sciences Education Sterling Scholar!  That is definitely a mouthful.  Let's just call it the CTE Sterling Scholar.

A couple of weeks ago G told me that I should apply to be the CTE Sterling Scholar because they never get any good applicants.  So, I applied.  Well this year they actually got several good applicants, but the fact that I've taken harder classes than them, I am planning to be a CTE teacher, and that I am involved in so freaking much got me the spot as the scholar!  I didn't even know until somebody congratulated me on my way to chemistry on Monday, I guess the list had been posted that morning.  But you know, this is pretty cool!

So tonight the other Sterling Scholars and I had a banquet where we were given important information regarding competing at a state level and what not.  I'm a little bit nervous about what I've gotten myself into, because I'm quite busy and don't have a lot of time... but you know, I think this will be worth it.  I already have all of my college tuition completely covered because of my grades and ACT score, but any extra money would be nice for books and stuff.  Mostly, though, the fact that I am a Sterling Scholar will make a huge difference on all of my applications for just about anything.  People love Sterling Scholars.

We ate some good food and then were able to sit around and chat for a while.  I run with a smart crowd, a lot of my friends also are Sterling Scholars!  Ty won for science, Sean for history, Chanel for world languages, and Eths for math.

Yup.  That's the newest thing happening in my life!

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