Monday, November 10, 2014

Sweater Day 2014

A day with a sweater is a day that is better!  Thank goodness today was annual Sweater Day.  My, that came up quick!  I can't believe that it is already the sweater wearing time of year.  This October was unseasonably warm, but now it is November and pretty cold.  In fact, we got our first bit of snow today!  That is pretty interesting, because Sweater Day during my sophomore year was also the first day of snow.

Anyway.  I think that I celebrated my last high school Sweater Day with my most glorious sweater yet.  I'm quite proud of this gem that I found at a clothing drive over the summer!  It think it is absolutely magnificent!

Let's all take a moment to appreciate G, who dug through his closet this morning to find his one and only sweater after last night's late notification about Sweater Day.  He wasn't even sure if he had a sweater, but thank goodness he did!

Tyler and Ethan also dressed up for the occasion.  Unfortunately we forgot to get a real picture with Ethan, but that's what selfies and half-hearted (more like quarter-hearted) attempts at Photoshop magic are for!  (Actually I had to use Fireworks because Photoshop was giving me difficulties.  Bad experience.)

I thought that the festivities would end after school, but come evening time I was greeted with a fabulous surprise!  Emily showed up to my house in a sweater, as well as Kylie!  Don't they look fab?!

I also got the greatest Facebook message ever.  Jooeun was celebrating Sweater Day all the way over in Korea!  She even had her friends wear sweaters!  This picture made my day.

So as always, Sweater Day was an exceptional day that can probably be all owed to wearing a great sweater.  I mean, today I finally understood my chemistry, won a scholarship (which you will hear more about later), had dinner cooked for me (I usually have to make it myself!), and the engraving machine at Thanksgiving Point started to work again!  Great things.

I hope that you also had a great Sweater Day!  It may be the last of it's kind since all my friends will be off on missions by next November, but it feels pretty cool that this tradition has lasted throughout all of my high school years.

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