Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Holiday Boutique 2014

I can't believe it is already time for the holidays!  Like last year, Alli and I decided to be vendors at the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple's Holiday Boutique.  I kind of forgot about it until, uh, last night, so I wasn't very creative and just sold bows again haha.

Alli sold treats again!  That's kind of the best, because she keeps me fed throughout the day.  Also, the temple sells the most delicious Japanese food.  That's probably my favorite part about the entire experience.

Last year we got SO MUCH business.  But this year, nobody even showed up!  Okay, some people did, but not very many at all.  The weather was bad, so maybe that's why, but they also didn't advertise as much as they usually do.  So we got pretty bored sitting around.  It was fun that Uncle Mike was there selling his bottle openers so at least we had him to talk to.  And the nice old lady behind us who told us about all of her traveling adventures.

Eating is the best way to stay busy.

Yeah, Alli and I decided that we probably won't do the Holiday Boutique again.  It wasn't really worth the money we spent on the table nor the time we spent in a very crowded room.  Of course, we still had a fun weekend spending time together!  I love Alli!

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