Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I Don't Do

The other day I was talking to Madison about a dress that I was making.  She was then like, "Wait, you sew?  What DON'T you do?!"  to which I opened my mouth to answer, buuuut, nothing came out.  She said she would give me a moment to think.

You see, I have a freaking lot of hobbies, and if you know me or have followed this blog for a while then you know that to be true.  I'm not saying that I'm good at a ton of things, I am definitely not good at a lot of my hobbies haha.  But I just love learning and trying new things, and the result of that is having more than enough hobbies to fill my time!  To name just a few of those hobbies in no particular order (for new readers and just so I can sort them out myself) I like:
  • sewing
  • photography
  • traveling
  • wielding deadly weapons
  • cooking
  • playing the piano and singing
  • reading
  • antique hunting
  • running
Yup.  But today we are going to focus on things that are NOT my hobbies for various reasons that I will explain.

I don't draw
I'm horrible at drawing.  Really.  I wish that drawing could be one of my hobbies, but I'm just not very good at it and apparently I don't care enough to learn!  Of course, I'm going to be an art major, so maybe I'll learn a thing or two in college if the professors ever stop laughing at my lack of abilities.  But until then I will stick to drawing stick figures.

I don't play or watch sports with rules
What's so fun about things where you can't just do whatever you want?  There was a time in my life, a long long time ago (so long ago that it doesn't even count) that I played soccer, but for the majority of my life I have stayed away from sports with rules.  I really don't want to take the time to learn all the weird, detailed rules that most every sport seems to have.  So of course, watching sports makes no sense to me and gets pretty boring.  This is why I like cross country, it's simple!  I mean, you run fast and win or you don't run fast and you lose.  It's up to you.  Easy.

I don't dance
I used to be in a professional ballet company, no lie.  But then it got to a point where they wanted me to come almost every day of the week and that is not cool when the studio is far from your house (and when ballet classes are long and nothing really happens).  Since quitting all those years ago, I've realized that dang, I suck at dancing.  It's quite funny, actually, because I do like to dance in some ways, like to Enya in my basement, or while at Old Navy with my friends (they always play groovy music that you can't just stand still to).  But I'm bad at it, so it's definitely not one of my hobbies.
I would like to learn how to waltz, though.  I feel like if I ever get the chance to go to a ball I would want to wear a fluffy dress (which is normally a big no-no for me) and dance majestically like they do in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella.

I don't play video games
Oh my gosh.  The worst things in the world are those video games where you have to move the camera yourself.  They are so confusing!  You see, I grew up in a home full of video games because they are my brother's favorite.  I have wonderful, fond memories of just watching him play video games all day.  It's still one of my favorite pastimes.  But, I never really grew the love for video games myself.  There were a few games that I liked: Zelda was always cool and nobody can argue that Mario Kart is the best thing ever.  But playing video games is not something I even think about doing when I have some time to spare!

So there are just a few of the things that I don't do!  If you were ever wondering.

Let's close with what an average Saturday looked like when I was a kid (pretend I'm in the picture too.  Actually, you can see my hand on Shakee.  So I am in it.

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