Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Ode to Pomegranates

I love food.  So much.  Believe me, I really do!  I will basically eat anything unless I know the greasiness of it will make me sick (that takes out a lot of American food).

As much as I love food, some weeks I just lose my appetite and it's really weird.  Eating becomes a struggle.  Sometimes it happens because I get really grossed out by food, and sometimes it happens when things aren't going fabulous in my life and I guess that's emotionally how I respond.  But sometimes, it just happens for no reason at all!

This week was one of those weeks.  I didn't want to eat but I felt perfectly normal and fine.  Of course, I know how important it is to eat, because I simply can't function if I don't eat and then I get all mad and sometimes I pass out, apparently (refer to the adventure I had with the CDC back in May).  Haha.  So even without an appetite, I still eat.  Thank goodness for bland food!

My point is: pomegranates are the best things ever.  You may not realize that that is my point here, but it is!  You see, in a week of not wanting to eat anything, there was one thing that I always wanted to eat.  Pomegranates.

Let's just talk about how magnificent they are.  Really.  I think that maybe they are so good because you have to work so hard to eat them!  Personally I think that a bowl of pomegranate seeds is not ideal.  Delicious of course, but the best way to eat it is while you open it.  Yup.  Cut off the top then the bottom (like an onion), slice it down the middle, then just break off pieces and eat the seeds as you go!  Takes about 5 hours, of course, but so worth it.

Pomegranates are one of the best things about winter.  Also included on that list are clementines and Hershey's peppermint kisses.  Perhaps it is good that I can only get pomegranates one season a year, because it makes them extra superb!

So, if you have never had a pomegranate before (I never had until learning about Persephone in 5th grade) today is your day to go buy one!  Open it up and enjoy what Alli calls "nature's sprinkles".  You will fall in love with pomegranates, and like me, wish that you had a pomegranate tree in your backyard (I could think of no greater thing).

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