Thursday, December 18, 2014

Annual Christmas Sandwich Party

Yay Christmas!  It still doesn't feel like Christmas, but we can fake it by throwing our annual Christmas party.  It counts as "annual" if it is your second year doing it, right?

So, for lunch today, we all headed over to Kylee's for some delicious sandwiches!

I love bacon and egg sandwiches so much.  They're basically the only kind of sandwiches that I like, actually.

Luckily Ethan wore his best sweater while making the eggs.  Unfortunately you can't read it from this angle, but I'll just steal Ethan's Instagram picture so you can weep with me.

Lower on the sweater it says "the Christmas tree"

Kylee is more of a bacon and tomato kind of gal.

The sandwiches turned out great!

You know what's almost as good as bacon and egg sandwiches?  Presents.  Kylee got me a fabulous planner (which I am seriously overly excited about!!), and it was really funny when Kylee and Jeff opened the presents that they got each other...

We laughed for a while then realized that we would be late to fourth period if we didn't leave ASAP.  All in all, it was an excellent Christmas Sandwich Party!  I do love my friends!


weplash said...

Hey whose house is that in the pic just above? Is that a deer head or something? You guys need to make it look like Rudolf next year with a plaque of his name under it. Haha, it would scar every little kid.

Madi Riye said...

That's funny you say that, because they actually do put a red nose on it every year! Haha! It's at Kylee's house.

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