Sunday, December 28, 2014

Conference Quotes of the Week

If the youth in each ward will not only go to the temple and do baptisms for their dead but also work with their families and other ward members to provide the family names for the ordinance work they perform, both they and the Church will be greatly blessed.
-Elder Cook
This is really something I need to work on!  It's good that I go to the temple, but it would be even better if I took some names and was able to do temple work for my own family.  If I don't, it will be super awkward meeting them after I die... they'd be like, "dang girl, you went to the temple so many times and didn't even do any of the work for us?!" and I'd be like, "uhh".  I feel a New Year's resolution coming on.

The willingness to see through each other’s eyes will transform “corrupt communication” into “ministering grace.”
-Elder Zwick
If we all try to be understanding and willing to look at things from other people's views, I'm pretty sure most of the conflict in this world would be reduced!

We need to continually ask ourselves if we are being doers of the words of Jesus Christ.
-Elder Zivic

There is only One in whom your faith is always safe, and that is in the Lord Jesus Christ. And you need to let your faith show!
-Elder Nelson

As you consistently focus your life on the most basic principles, you will gain an understanding of what you are to do, and you will produce more fruit for the Lord and more happiness for yourself.
-Elder Scott

Obedience makes us progressively stronger, capable of faithfully enduring tests and trials in the future.
-Elder Hales

Our Heavenly Father is mindful of us.  He will guide and bless us as we put our faith and trust in Him and will see us through whatever difficulties come our way.
-President Monson

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