Sunday, December 21, 2014

Conference Quotes of the Week

I gave a lesson on spiritual gifts today in my Laurels class.  It was like, my second lesson I've ever taught, so of course it was subpar.  But, I did learn lots while studying up for it!  Spiritual gifts are pretty cool, you should look them up in your True to the Faith one of these days and then feel awesome when you recognize which ones God has blessed you with.

Anyway.  Here are my conference quotes from the week!  Some with some notes from me below them.  Rock on!

"If all you know is what you see with your natural eyes and hear with your natural ears, then you will not know very much."
-President Packer

"The Lord has made promises to us as we keep trying to gather people to Him, even when they resist His invitation to do so.  Their resistance saddens Him, but he does not quit, nor should we."
-President Eyering

"There is a crucial difference between the commandment to forgive sin and the warning against condoning it."
-Elder Holland

"Everyone, independent of his or her decisions and beliefs, deserves our kindness and consideration."
-Elder Anderson
I feel like as a whole, Utah Mormons are pretty judgmental.  Being so surrounded by what we believe is really contrasting when faced with someone who doesn't have our same beliefs and standards.  We need to remember that it is okay that other people believe different things, and that even though we don't agree with them, they are our equals and we should still be nice to them and treat them with respect.  We should in no way make them feel that we think less of them just because they don't live the same way we do.

"The Book of Mormon carries the power to protect families, strengthen relationships, and give personal confidence before the Lord."
-Sister Reeves

"Besides being a 'perfect, just God,' He is a perfect, merciful God."
-Elder Christofferson
I think that people forget how understanding God is!  Yes, you should try your best to live righteously, but if you mess up there's really no need to panic.  Everyone makes mistakes, and overall they help us learn and grow.  God will understand, and the power of the Atonement will cover you if you repent.  It's pretty awesome!

"We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.  He is dependent upon each of us."
-Elder Rasband

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