Thursday, December 11, 2014

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands.  I do believe that that is one absolutely beautiful movie.

Kylie and I made Seiji and Nathan watch it with us because we hadn't seen it for years!  I used to be so drawn to Tim Burton's movies - I really loved them.  And Johnny Depp is everyone's favorite, right?  So I remembered that I loved this movie when I watched it for the first time a long time ago (I must have been in 7th grade or something), and I've been dying to watch it again for the past year.  I am so glad that I finally got around to it!

I love the angst of this move.  IT IS SO TRAGIC.  Like, Edward loves Kim but she doesn't love him back and her boyfriend is a jerk.  Then she does love Edward but he is afraid to love her because he doesn't want to hurt her and then they can never see each other again!  AHH!  Yes, I did just give away the whole story, but I can't help myself.  So much angst.

I also love the setting.  The world that good old Tim Burton set up is so pretty!  I love that everything (the clothes in particular) is a clash of all different eras.  So cool.  And the color scheme is just excellent!

Another fabulous thing about this movie is how short it is.  I have a huge problem with movies nowadays, and that problem is that movies are SO LONG.  I have a hard time with movies that are longer than two hours - my attention span is not that good.  So I appreciate the the length of older movies!

Go watch Edward Scissorhands, my friends.  It is truly a gem.

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