Friday, December 19, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 1)

As I do most weeks, I spent a lot of time with The Mom Lady.  I even brought her some Costa Vida for lunch one day, haha!  I love her.

Don't worry.  Seiji and my dad stayed up until 12:30 finishing the puzzle!  They had quite the system, sorting the pieces into what shapes they are and then into their different colors.  Now we need to find a frame to hang it up in!  I have the perfect spot in mind, but my mom doesn't know how she feels about displaying this gorgeous cat for all to see...

Jeff and I love our photo lessons!  We learn much and our teacher is just the sweetest lady.

We've been going through a bit of a grunge phase in my household.  It's all about the bands my dad has raised us on as well as sharpening up on our guitar skills.  Seiji even bought a bass!
Featuring: my dad's vintage guitar made for small hands.

One cannot begin to describe my joy upon receiving this card.  The joy is unfathomable.  Incomprehensible.  I seriously couldn't handle how much I love this.

My natural habitat!  I could spend hours looking at fabric.  Also, I really appreciate how this picture captures the black and red in my hair.  It's really there.  I promise.

My time with Seiji is drawing to an end!  It is freaking me out!  I've been spending lots of time with him lately, while I still have the ability to.  You know, like watching TV (something I rarely do) and eating steak with him late at night.

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