Saturday, December 20, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

This week was the annual Christmas recital for my students!  It is always so much fun to watch them perform.  I seriously do love spreading the joy of the piano, because dang that is one fabulous instrument.  Unfortunately this is the only picture of the event that my mom got on my camera... it is kind of hilarious.  I'll also add one from Em's instagram page!

Future boyfriends: Follow Sarah's shining example.

We proceeded to hunt down ice cream and then lose Sarah's wallet.  For some reason she didn't freak out.  Apparently she's used to losing things (once she lost her phone for a couple of days and found it in her tuba).  But this is the face of a girl who just lost her wallet.  I don't get it.
Don't worry.  She found it under her seat the next day!  We only searched her car like 235 times...

Last week Seiji told us to start saving boxes so that he can use them to wrap gifts.  Can you believe how many boxes we accumulated in one week!?  Two words: Amazon Prime.

Okay.  Fangirl scream.  JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT IS AN ABSOLUTE DREAM.  He is adorable and so talented at acting (and at being adorable), and what?!  He is a filmmaker too?!  Swoon.  I can't even handle this.  So beautiful.

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