Friday, December 26, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

I should know better than to not grab my Canon when my grandpa picks us up for an adventure.  Earlier this week he drove us all around, looking for Christmas lights!  We like that sort of thing.  We ended up at the "Tree of Life" that everyone keeps talking about.  It was surprisingly pretty cool!  In person, it sparkles and is just so beautiful.  Glad we got to see it, even if it was freezing!

My mom, Jen, Liam, and Des are my best friends if you don't remember.  Whenever there isn't school, the first thought that comes to the minds of my mom and I is, "I wonder what Jen is doing today?"  So we called her up, and the day proceeded to consist of a brisk walk and some delicious Mi Ranchito!

Jeff painted my family crest for me!  I have no words.  It is a really sweet gift, and so so beautiful.

My uncle Matt and his family are in town!  It is always so good to see them!  I also enjoy that they bring their turtle, haha.

THE TEMPLE!  As a group of friends, we didn't make it to the temple last week, so we got a little behind on our "every other week" goal.  But we made it there this week so all is well.  It was really the most joyful way we could spend a Friday evening!

We also got some Greek food!  I have been wanting to try Greek food for a long time, but honestly I was not that impressed.  In fact, it kind of grossed me out.  Not as fresh as I imagined it to be!  Of course, it may have just been that particular restaurant, so I won't give up on Greek food entirely.

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