Thursday, December 4, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

I am absolutely positive that I've done an FAQ post before.  I know it for sure.  However, I can't seem to find it!  It is buried deep within my blog, which covers every day of my life.  That kind of makes it hard to find something that I probably posted as a freshman.  Anyway, with a lack of pictures to blog today, I decided that going over some frequently asked questions would be a good idea.  I basically get asked these questions on the daily, so if I tell them to you now then maybe you won't have to ask the next time you see me.  Of course, I don't mind being asked (most of) these questions, so still feel free to question me.  But knowing the answers to these simple questions will save time and then we would be able to quickly jump to more important matters, like how goats can even climb trees anyway.

What are your plans after graduation?
Well, my friends, now would be an excellent time to hop on over to my post about my plans for the future.  However, I do realize that when people ask me this question, they are not asking for 747 words of explanation.  I'll simplify it for you.  After I graduate, I am going to go to college for a year before I leave on my LDS mission (that I am FREAKING excited for).  I'll come back after 18 months, finish college, and then start my career as a high school CTE teacher!  Somewhere along the way I will get married and start a family, of course.

Why are you not in class?
I hate this question.  So.  Much.  Who are adults to think that they are in charge of where I should be?  Okay, I know, I should respect my teachers as authoritative figures and all, but it is something I am working on.  The answer is: I am taking mostly distance learning classes through UVU out in the trailers behind the school.  Sounds sketchy, but it is a real thing.  UVU is on a different schedule than the high school, so that is why I am walking to my locker/ the bathroom for the 50th time (I drink a lot of water)/G's room in the middle of second period.

Do you make all of your clothes?
This question is usually preceded by, "Where do you get your clothes?" to which I reply, "Everywhere, but mostly thrift stores.  Or I make them."  Once people learn that I sew, they kind of assume that I make all of my clothes.  It's very flattering, actually, but you should know that I definitely do not make all of my clothes.  The majority of my clothes (or maybe only half, actually) have been altered in some way, and you can often safely assume that I made whatever dress or skirt I'm wearing.  Unfortunately I'm pretty lazy when it comes to style these days, so my go-to is a band t-shirt and khaki skinny jeans, neither of which are homemade in any way.  So I make some of my clothes, but not all of them.

What flavor of Asian are you?
Okay, I don't get asked exactly this.  I get asked "where are you from?" or "what is your nationality?", to which I reply with bratty answers even though I know what the asker is trying to figure out.  So, if you ever want to discover the particular ethnicity of someone, I suggest that you inquire of their "flavor" or "brand".  For example, "What flavor of Asian are you?" or "What brand of European might you be?"  Just kidding, that's actually a really horrible idea.  But I think it is hilarious.  Anyway, I am half Japanese!  My dad is Japanese and my mom is full Caucasian.  Yes, that means that I do have family members that are completely white!  Gasp!

How many fingers am I holding up?
I am legally blind.  If I take off my glasses, you will be a blur.  An extremely fuzzy blob of whatever color sweatshirt you are wearing.  When you hold up your hand and I take off my glasses, you do not all of a sudden start losing appendages in my eyes.  Though this question sometimes makes me want to make that come to pass.

So there you go!  There's probably a lot more questions that I should be answering, but my mind is drawing a blank.  Which is about all my hands can draw too, considering my lack of drawing abilities.  That's enough for tonight.

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