Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Night

Winter nights are so cozy.  You don't have as many options for adventure in the winter compared to the summer, which is a shame, but there are still some things that you can do.  Us Utahns have been blessed this year with an unusually warm December, so that's been nice to take advantage of.  Anyway.  Tonight my friends and I decided to venture up to the Lake City of Salt!

We stopped by Pirate O's on the way.  I don't quite remember why, but do you really need a reason to stop at such an establishment?  It is such a beautiful sight on a dark winter evening, with their Christmas lights and everything.  We had tons of fun looking at all of the strange imported food.  Mostly because we are just so dang hilarious (or so we think).

Then we drove up to Salt Lake City!  We actually missed the exit and went past Salt Lake, but in an age where we always have GPSs with us, we were able to make our way to City Creek's parking (thanks Siri!)

We looked a long time for a parking spot, and eventually just waited for this really slow family to load up and pull away.  Then we parked and just sat in the car talking for a little bit before we got out.  We went up the elevator toward the food court to eat when all of a sudden I realized that I didn't know where my keys were!  We backtracked and found them in my car.  Still in the ignition.

See, I'm blaming this on Bailey because while we were sitting and talking, he told me to turn off my car to save gas.  Makes sense, so I did and just left my keys in the ignition.  Well, I forgot to grab them on my way out!  Okay, maybe it's not Bailey's fault, but we are just going to say it is.  Luckily it was kind of a really funny situation.

Bailey's, "I can't believe you locked your keys in your car" face, and my, "I'll fix this" face.

Don't worry.  After talking to the mall's security, calling the police (security told us to call them, but they would only help if there was an animal or kid in the car - which I think is definitely reasonable), I finally called my mom who was of course willing to drive all the way up to Salt Lake City to bring me my spare keys.  That lady rocks.

Exciting, right?  I'm glad I could tell you that adventure story.  The rest of the night consisted of eating delicious Mexican food and searching for general authorities.  We stared at a window for a really long time because Jeff and Bailey were convinced that the dark shadow (that looked suspiciously like a chair to me) was our prophet.

We even wanted to casually walk into the administration building.  Too bad it was locked!  We plan on going back sometime soon, because it has become one of our goals to run into a general authority and we will do our best to make that come to pass.

It was a really nice evening just walking around Salt Lake City with these two friends of mine.  We have extreme amounts of fun together!

We spent a good 10 minutes watching people, trying to decide who would be the best candidate for taking our picture.  Preferably someone who looked like they knew how to use an SLR.  Apparently we picked wrong.

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