Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I am a Feminist

I am a feminist.  Not a "bra burning" crazy lady, but rather a person with a lot of strong opinions against objectifying women.

Merely a half hour ago I was doing dishes while my mom was flipping through channels on the TV.  She came across a Victoria's Secret fashion show.  It was an absolute train wreck: she and I had to watch it until we were both disgusted and reasonably angry.

Women everywhere are screaming for equality, to be seen as equal human beings rather than objects that aren't capable of anything that require intelligence.  I think that every woman wants to be respected, but unfortunately that's not how the world is treating us.  But guess what?  We are doing this to ourselves.  It it OUR fault that the world isn't respecting us.  Prancing around practically naked on stage is not a way to gain respect in anyone's eyes, yet most people don't realize what harm this is doing for the entire female population.  We don't want to be objectified, yet objectifying ourselves is seen as "sexy" and it proceeds to happen and will continue to go on.

So what do I think we should do about this?  There's not tons we can do on a large scale, but we can all work on affecting the views around us.  I think it starts with respect.  Respect yourself, and others will respect you.  Show people that you are not an object.  If people know that you are confident in yourself and that you will not put up with being looked down upon as a woman, they will see you as an equal.

Though I don't feel like women are viewed the way that they should be, I feel respected as a woman myself.  I don't feel personally affected by sexism, and I think that is because I have never let anybody see me as an object or as someone lesser than men.  I know that I am capable of whatever I want to do - that accomplishing things is in my own hands and very possible.  I really wish that every girl could have the knowledge that I have regarding the power of a strong woman, because that knowledge itself could make a huge difference.

I truly believe that the world can't start respecting women until we learn how to respect ourselves.


Ruth Kelly said...

I agree. Wings and things just to show off bras and panties.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am going to play devil's advocate sort of speak, but all women want to be treated equal and that is true, but the thing is everyone has free will and models chose to wear the outfits. Yes in some regards the Victoria Secret show is in many ways chauvinist and objectification, but during the 40 and 50s women were not considered sexual beings because they were held to being nothing more than housewives and baby makers. Women's sexuality was being denied because men would either classify them as either mothers or tramps. Sort of like how early film classify women as either selfless virgins (damsels in distress fall under here as well) or femme fatale. The 60s opened the box on women's sexuality letting them know yes they can be a housewife or business women but they are still a sexual being as well. With the movement of feminism in the 60s, it opened the doors so women would not be repressed either financially, emotionally, spiritually and of course sexually (hence bra burning). But the thing is with that freedom comes the freedom of expression and in many ways that is how some women view the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show. A expression of female sexuality.

Hope I made a little point, and please do not take offense.

Madi Riye said...

Very interesting points! And excellently worded. Of course I won't take offense, I love hearing the views of others!
I can definitely see where you are coming from. Women have come a really long way in being able to express themselves however they personally want to, and that is a wonderful thing. Believe me, I am all for self expression!
However, many women nowadays feel like they are seen as nothing more than sexual beings, and I feel like that is a bigger problem than women not feeling like they can express themselves. Though not as much as in the past, in the media we are still often portrayed as only good for one thing. And more than ever, advertisements suggest that women should always look sexy because that is the most important thing about us. All in all, I just wish that women would realize the reasons why we are seen that way and how we can prevent the negative effects of objectification in our own lives and for the entire future of women.

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