Saturday, December 27, 2014

LOTR Marathon

I always get excited about Lord of the Rings this time of year.  Something about winter is magical... just like Middle-earth.  So, last week while we still had school, Tyler and I decided that a Lord of the Rings marathon was in order.  The last time we tried doing that, we were sophomores who did not succeed.  We took too many breaks and had to take two days for our marathon.  We knew that we could do much better this year... and today we did!

My goodness it took some endurance.  Lots and lots, actually.  The picture above was taken after we watched both parts of the first movie, and I said to pretend to be excited as if it was the "beginning" picture.  Tyler couldn't even fake it, haha!

After the first section, we had to order a pizza because that is just the fastest way to get food when you are on a tight schedule.  In the "special requests" section of our order, we asked that the deliverer would yell, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" upon reaching my doorstep.  We left this note for them as well.

Well the deliverer was some 20-something year old girl who clearly hated her job, so we didn't hear any yelling going on.  But that is okay because the pizza was delicious!

I tried to get this "stalker picture" style.

We were all business, though, so after eating the pizza, Jeff left and Tyler, Stewart and I went downstairs for the second movie.  The hardest one to sit through, in my opinion.  I may have fallen asleep three times.  But only for a couple of minutes and only halfway, you know?  I was somewhat conscious.  But not really.  Stewart and Tyler were able to stay awake with their phones, thank goodness.

I did enjoy what I was awake for, of course.  It is all so magical!  The elves are my favorite and I'm a little bit sad that I'm not one of them.  Maybe I'll be one for Halloween next year.  Also, I was loving all of the costumes.  I'd like to be in charge of costumes for a movie, I think that would be so fun.

On a side note, normally I'm kind of a "dark-haired guy" kind of gal, but Legolas is definitely an exception!  Dang!

So, this is exactly how we felt after the second movie.  We were loving it in a way, but it was indeed painful.  Like taking a nice walk barefoot on the beach at sunset, but instead of sand under your feet it's a bunch of broken glass.

By the time we got to the third movie, Matt showed up to join in on the fun.  We carried on, ate some hi-chews, and were faced with two dead phone batteries.  Extension cords were located...

The third movie kept me awake, it is definitely the most exciting.  And, I can't quite decide if this is cheating or not (the boys assured me that we weren't cheating at all), but we did fast forward through all of the Frodo scenes in the third movie.  Because dang they are long and Frodo gets so annoying.  Because of the fast fowarding, we finished two hours ahead of schedule!  It was great!

This marathon was truly a challenge.  None of us could have done it alone; it was only possible through the moral support of our dedicated group.  It tested our willpower and strength, and at the end we were proud of what we had accomplished.  Actually, we felt like terrible people for wasting an ENTIRE day, but you know.


weplash said...

Haha. Your next marathon has to include the hobbit trilogy with the extra 40 min scenes in each and then u will be a true minion of middle earth.

Madi Riye said...

Now that would be the greatest glory of all! I will indeed have to do that!

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