Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rogers Christmas Party

On Sunday it was time for Kylie's favorite family party of the year!  The Rogers Christmas party!  Somehow she and I talked Seiji into wearing a sweater.  I think he looked fab, and of course we had to coordinate with him.

It is always so much fun to get together with everyone, even though we have family dinner twice a month anyway.

My grandparents make delicious food.  We even had homemade cheesecake this year (that usually only happens at Thanksgiving)!  Eating is only a small portion of the fun, of course.  After we eat we go on the singing hayride!  It was raining, so the boys covered the entire trailer with a tarp so we could stay nice and dry.  It was fun.

Presents are then exchanged.  I had Jack this year, so I made her a blanket!  I love watching everybody open presents, there are some unique things given.

I once heard Kylie mention that she needs a calendar, so of course my mom and I had to find her the most adorable calendar out there.  Sloths.

It wouldn't be Christmas without some kind of musical production.  All of the little girls sang and danced for us!  Liam also did some dancing and singing, we were all big fans of his "waterfall dance".

Eventually everyone started to clean up and leave.  It was a fabulous Christmas party, I'm really excited about the holidays now!

She was dancing with the broom.

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