Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seiji & Kylie's Bridals (Part 2)

Seiji started making more normal faces as the shoot went on.  Guess he had to warm up or something.  But not literally, because it was FREEZING out there!  Well, I was fine, but poor Kylie was not for understandable reasons.  She informed us that she was "a cold lady".

I love these pictures way more than the other ones mostly because of the location.  The Alpine Cemetery is gorgeous!

I'm super proud of the bouquet, by the way.  Just call me the wedding photographer, seamstress (I'm making the bridesmaid dresses), and florist.  But only kind of.  Luckily I'm not doing the flowers at the actual wedding - my mom and I just had to whip this bouquet together this morning for pictures.  Let me tell you - it is NOT as simple to make as it looks.

I threw this one in because it makes me laugh.

Well, taking bridals was scary (so much pressure!) and I'm glad that we got through them without ruining the dress (which Kylie totally rocks).  The wedding is coming up so fast!

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